Antoinette Luckhurst

antoinette-5-2_smJewellery has always been a major part of Antoinette’s life. Graduating from Medway College of Art ( now UCA ) in 1990, she worked as a designer and at the bench in London workshops.

Antoinette works from her studio situated in the countryside of Oare, near Faversham in Kent. She designs and creates collections and individual pieces inspired by the vibrant colours and beautiful nature around her.

To create some of the natural forms, Antoinette sculpts and carves wax which is then cast using silver or bronze. These tiny pieces of nature are then put together to create a picture to be worn.

The texture on the metals creates a matte and shiny finish after polishing. This finish is continued throughout her work by using rough-cut and highly polished gemstones, alongside the satin finish of freshwater pearls.

Many of the unusual rough cut stones and beads in her work are supplied from a stone dealer, who sources them from his travels around the globe.