‘Flights of Fancy’    1st to 29th April

Lucy Large 

Lucy’s work falls into two categories: wire sculpture and hand cut paper, with both embracing the idea of a moment captured or a scene isolated.
The wire work enjoys a sense of theatre, a deliberate staging. The hand cut paper landscapes refer to a sense of solitude, memory, perhaps absence.
The paper designs are all cut by hand using a scalpel and then mounted on small wooden plinths to create a three-dimensional effect. The sculptural pieces are made using fine aluminium mesh and then sewn together using a fine jewellery wire. There is a reference made to small theatre sets and shadow puppetry; a narrative is implied in all the work, but not made explicit.
Lucy lives and works in West Somerset drawing on the local landscape for inspiration for much of her work.

mixed media, mesh, wire, upcycled, driftwood

Sue Brown

Sue has been a professional artist for over 15 years. Her work is inspired by nature and been driven by exploring intaglio printmaking techniques. In 2009 Sue embarked on a 3 year part time MA in Multi-disciplinary Printmaking at the University of the West of England, graduating with a distinction in 2012. It was during this period of study that Sue explored printmaking with enamel and added 3 dimensional pieces in enamel and metal to her body of work.

Sue continues to make collagraph prints but alongside her printmaking she is experimenting with enamel application, combining digital and screen printed transfers with sifted and wet enamel on both copper and steel substrates. Sue also likes to add ready-made objects to her pieces.